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CARE's Packages - SALINA

SALINA Package 1 – double room, 2 persons

The package includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in a 4-star structure for 2 persons in a double room
  • all lunches and dinners from 21 to 24 May
  • all excursions, following prior booking (fishing with nets, boat trip Le Montagne delle Felci Nature Reserve, foraging, Eolian houses, aperitif at sundown)
  • masterclass/ showcooking & lunch (prior booking required)
  • transfers between different locations on the island
  • return travel from Milan Linate to Catania
  • transfers to and from Milazzo
  • ferry to and from the island of Salina
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€ 5.580,00 + 22% VAT

SALINA Package 6 - dinner for 1 person 22 May

€ 200,00 + 22% VAT
Mo-Food S.r.l./GmbH • via Dodiciville • Zwölfmalgreinerstr. 7d/9a 39100 Bolzano • Bozen • P.I./Mwst. Nr. 02892180213
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